Learning Difficulties That Are Common Among Most Kids

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It is very important for all parents to understand that the learning style, rhythm and pace can be different from one child to another. If your child has difficulties in comprehending things in school and has problems in any of the areas such as writing, reading, mathematics, listening, reasoning or speaking there is a possibility that your child may have a learning disorder. This by any chance does not indicate that your child has any type of a mental condition or he or she is lazy or dumb. Learning difficulties are common conditions that can arise in children and it simply means that your child sees and understands things a little differently from rest of the children. You need to try different techniques of teaching with such children as their brain settings are a little different and unique.

Writing, reading and math problems
Reading problems can be recognized if a child finds it difficult to understand the difference between sounds, letters and words. Reading difficulties are commonly known as dyslexia. Dyslexic children may find it difficult to read fluently, struggle with vocabulary and may have trouble understanding words and their meanings. Dyslexia and vision problems can be highly related. Dyscalculia is another type of a learning disorder where the child may experience difficulties in solving math problems. The level of difficulty may depend on other problems such as understanding the language, lack of memory capacity and counting problems the child may have. Children with dyscalculia may often find it difficult to do mathematical operations and tell the time. Writing disabilities are called dysgraphia and this could be at basic level where the child may have physical difficulties in writing and at the excessive level where the child cannot organize thoughts clearly on paper. The child may show problems with working neatly, copying letters and numbers, spelling problems and organizing of words and phrases.

Other learning disorders
Disabilities in motor skills and language can also be identified as learning disabilities. As dyslexia and vision can be related, dyslexia and vision or language difficulties can be related with hearing problems. Inability to retell a story or problems in understanding what is being told are common symptoms of dysphasia. Learning disabilities in motor skills is another one of those problems a child can face. This is due to difficulties in performing fine and gross motor skills properly. Children with these difficulties find it difficult to cut, paste, run, and jump like normal children do.

How to cure?
Our brain is a miraculous feat. According to recent studies done by scientists it was found that the human brain has the ability to grow and change over time. It doesn’t have a time limit. As long as we live our brain has the ability to change; which is known as optometrist Sydney. This feature of the brain is somewhat hope to all children who have learning disabilities as the brain has the ability to change at any time. Other than that parents should make such children feel loved and help them grow and learn slowly at their own pace.